Cut Out and Keep a little melancholy

Sometimes I just feel a little melancholy don't you. I found an artist on a new site I frequent, Cut Out & Keep. This particular crafter posted a how to on stickers and I just adore her drawing style when I looked into the photos I came across a unusual girl with a moustache!

Click here to see the process and her other projects.


Martha does MOUSTACHES

I look over her website weekly and came across this tutorial for complicated but awesome moustaches on a stick. How did I not see this before. Must be because of Halloween.
Click here to visit her tutorial and video.

I feel like you could leave some of the materials out but they look so real and she treats them as such.

I really should have put mine up for sale up on my etsy site and saved you the time and effort. Next year for sure.



** Camp Barefoot 4 - TSHIRTS FOR SALE **

**Available now** --- OFFICIAL Camp Barefoot 4 Music Festival T-SHIRTS!

Missed getting yours at the event because you were raging hardcore to the awesome line-up? Now you can celebrate the good time you had by getting your Camp Barefoot t-shirt today.

On sale on EBAY: 
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Makes a great gift for your friends and family. The sizes are uni-sex.

The distressed imprint is 9"w X 7.5" w.
The shirt brand is Gildan Ultra Cotton, 100% Cotton Preshrunk.

Imprint designed by skudesigns.com
Printed by IttyBittyPress.com



'Stache on the Scene - ALO and Jack Johnson at Merriweather Post Pavillion

We had a ball tailgating and 'staching it up at Jack Johnson last Saturday.

at the fair

Although I had to compete with the Carnies, Instant Moustache made it to the local county fair.


100 faces and counting ...

As a way to THANK my fans on facebook and a little treat for those who visit my blog. Here is a little freebie PDF of cut-your-own ‘staches.

Directions for FUN: Print and cut out the ‘staches below and use some tape to stick them to your favorite face and take some pictures ‘cause I and the whole world wanna see, “How you sport your ’stache!”
TIP: Print out multiple copies and have a ‘stache party!

CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF download! It is based in goggle docs.


Camp Barefoot Music Festival facebook shout out

Those handsome devils at Camp Barefoot gave me a sweet shout out on Facebook... [ Instant Moustache is a proud sponsor for Camp Barefoot 4. In the past few months we have been passing out hand bills with 3 different moustaches on them asking people to cut them out, take their pictures with the moustaches and post them on instantmoustache.blogspot.com. How do you wear your `stache? ]
Email me your photos, instantmoustache@gmail.com or post to the fan photos on our facebook page. Either way let the WORLD know how you sport your 'stache!
Love, IM


Facebookin' 30 and nerdy

As of right now Instant Moustache has 30 "fans" who "like"us! That made my weekend! In honor of this small but tremendous milestone, I give you Snoopy with a 'satche!

Join us on Facebook if you haven't already! Search Instant Moustache.

Instant Moustache meets Itty Bitty Press

The Itty Bitty Press folks were kind enough to stop by the homestead. These folks are talented sierographers. A great shop on Etsy they service the surrounding community with a unique ability to create quality silk-screen products for hire and they create a darling line of their own collaborations. Truly worth checking out. They were on their way to an FAA show. Fredericksburg All Ages is making it happen for the youth community. Can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us. 


Fav 'stache of the moment ... Bill Hader as 'Bobby' fomr Adventureland!

Would not have been the same movie had he not had this glorious 'stache.


'Stache on the Scene - CB4 Showcase #8 - Jackass Flats at The Camel RVA

We had an awesome time last Friday night out in Richmond VA at The Camel. Jackass Flats were rockin' and the Atkinsons started off the night right. Even the Camel got his 'stache on! I wonder if they will let me paint one on for real?!

As always you can share your photos with me of your real 'stache or one of the fun ones from the Camp Barefoot 4 handbill. E-mail me at instantmoustache@gmail.com or search us on facebook, instant moustache. I can't wait to see you all in disguise!


Heybro 'stache

Mr. Heybro himself! Thanks Scott! You are wearing my fav. You look distinguished which is a rare sight. HA!


youngest 'stache yet

This little darling is 'stachetastic! Thanks for sharing!


'Stache on the Scene - CB4 Showcasecase to benefit Richmond Animal League - Saturday May 29th, 2010

Share your 'staches with me from these CB4 Showcase for the Shelters events:

Camp Barefoot 4 Music Festival :: Showcase Show #8
Friday June 25th, 2010
The Camel in Richmond, VA
Featuring: Jackass Flats with The Atkinsons
Time: 9:30pm
Price: $10 per person to benefit the Richmond Animal League

Camp Barefoot 4 Music Festival :: Showcase Show #9
Saturday June 26th, 2010
Featuring: Taphouse in Norfolk, VA
Family Tree with Crucial Elements
Time: 9:30pm
Price: $7 per person to benefit the Norfolk SPCA

Camp Barefoot 4 Music Festival :: Showcase Show #10
Friday July 30th, 2010
Cary St. Cafe` in Richmond, VA
Featuring: Farm Vegas with Caught in the Rift
Time: 9:30pm
Price: $7 per person to benefit the Richmond Animal League


pencil thin moustache

Since this company [Atypyk] is across the big pond I thought these could be recreated with a regular pencil and Sharpy. Perfect time waster for those of you stuck in a cubicle and need a little pick-me-up for you and your co-workers. Imagine slowly raising your head above the cube wall holding the pencil under your nose. :o{) Good times. Atypyk has other novelty products that inspire silliness. Check it.


so close to home - phish in ptown holla!

Give me some love and send me your lot pics of moustaches.

facebook [search] instant moustache


Not that Harley bikers need reminding they are super cool but ...

I saw a Harley rider on the way home from outta town and he had a bandana across his mouth to protect it from wind burn.
His main squeeze should buy this moustachiod bandana. Every biker should own one. Gotta love Etsy.


Moustache love can start early

Here is a retro throw back toy my sister bought my son. AHAHA I just noticed the farmer has a moustache. Thank you Fisher-Price.


**Coming soon** Grow your 'stache contest for Camp Barefoot 4

We are coming up on 10 weeks till Camp Barefoot 4 and Instant Moustache will be having a grow your 'stache contest to be judged at CB4. We have a few more details to work out but get your moustache wax out and start taking your vitamins.
I'll be announcing more details in the coming week so check back soon. Till then happy growing.

ThinkGeek :: Humunga Stache

ThinkGeek :: Humunga Stache

This is super fun for you or your best friend.


color your way to a disguise - crayon moustaches

Not only do I want to feature my moustache crafts here on this blog I want to share others who have such wonderful fanciful creations. 'stache pack is just that. A wonderful pack of moustache crayons. Not only can you create colorful masterpieces you can do it incognito. Go Emily of myfriendemily.makersmarket.com!


classic laugh

For a classic laugh or a need for something funny reach for an instant moustache and let the laughs begin. This blog is a way for me to share my love of moustaches and all the humor and fun that comes along for the ride. Come back often.