Target stache

Even Target is jumpin on the stache wagon!


big foot!

Giant letters for the staging at Camp Barefoot are underway! Tshirts and booklet are ordered! Yay everything is coming along!


Busy busy B

I have been really busy with preparations for Camp Barefoot 5. I have been working on the festival info pamphlet and other exciting pieces and parts for the fun weekend in August!

With some help from some friends we are creating some large and in charge lettering for the stage.

Here is a pic of us getting started.

We are reusing cardboard and newspapers. Once all the letters are cut we will paper mache and gesso. Then the really fun part... painting.

Stay tuned for progress on this project. I feel like I am in a sesame street skit....hmmm maybe there is a video idea brewing.
Peace and luv ya'll!