TEAM Stache

With all the sports going on I was inspired to set this up ...

Love Stuffies!

My co-worker brought me book to look through. This is a sweet guy I want to take him home.


Letter of the day .... M!

Cookie monster tries to disguise letter of the day cookie with a moustache... he ate it.


Villanous Hairy Moustache

Thank you Oriental Trading Co. for making my rainy day.


Bob's moustache

I am watching tv again, this time Bob's Burgers.


Bob sans moustache

Haha this episode Bob has a baggie containing his 'stache. RIP Bob's moustache.

Snorks love some 'staches!

Here is another one. This time a a sports annoucer.

Retro Snorks 'stache

Watching this morning and spotted these dueling Snork 'staches.


BOOM! Camp Barefoot 5

Poster and handbill designs for Camp Barefoot 5.